The 3 consumer demands driving beauty innovation in 2017


Cosmetics and personal care brands are constantly challenged to stay in tune with their target market, meeting new demands and trends on a regular basis. Here, Kantar Worldpanel provides insight into the needs and wants of beauty consumers today

The 3 consumer demands driving beauty innovation in 2017
Ashley Kang,  Kantar Worldpanel

Ashley Kang, Kantar Worldpanel

From supporting health to creating a meaningful life, consumers today are turning to beauty products for different and sometimes unexpected reasons. Ashley Kang, analyst at Kantar Worldpanel, talks to Cosmetics Business about the top three consumer demands that are influencing beauty in 2017 – and the brands that are already ahead of the game.

The world is changing and fast. From a slowing – yet still thriving – China, to empty shelves in Venezuela, consumers are hunting for certainty and confidence, which they once found in the economic and social structures that are slowly but steadily eroding.

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Kantar Worldpanel’s Brand Footprint report found that the health and beauty industry grew by just 1% in 2016 – the slowest growing category in FMCG. But in this challenging market, how can brands prosper and grow? Here are three global trends that are driving beauty brand growth in 2017/18.


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