Pelham Group launches their exciting new concept, the Pelham Matrix

Published: 20-Mar-2023

Created to help brands, big and small, launch trend-led, speed to market ranges to stay agile and ahead of the curve

Pelham, a UK based health & beauty end-to-end manufacturer specialising in high-end technical and science-led formulations, have launched a new pillar of their business, the Pelham Matrix.

Oliver Felstead, Founder of Pelham says: "We know how hard it is for brands to react to trends and offer continuous innovation. With large MOQs, lengthy testing timelines and late investment, this often results in brands missing the opportunity completely or by the time products are ready, the market has moved on."

Pelham saw an opportunity to provide a solution that allows brands to easily explore and test the market with innovative and on-trend products, available with low MOQs starting at 1000 units. With incredible speed to market, brands can expect delivery in just 8 weeks from artwork signoff, instead of the usual 12 months. All products are pretested for stability, compatibility, safety, and are formulated to the "Clean At Sephora" guidelines and are complaint to may worldwide markets, giving brands the peace of mind to grow with Pelham by their side. All tested in a range of beautiful and sustainable packaging options. Pelham Matrix will also offer regulatory support for the UK market.

Ollie says: "Trends come and go quicker than ever and it's difficult to distinguish between a trend and a fad, speed is key to taking 'early adopter' margin before the market becomes saturated and margins are squeezed.

Pelham Group launches their exciting new concept, the Pelham Matrix

The Pelham Matrix prides itself on creating ranges that are highly innovative using our technical team's extensive kwowledge and insight. Using Mintel data, our customer feedback, and following trends in Korea and the USA, we stay ahead of the markets ready to help customers prove concept in their own markets."

Ollie says: "We want to give our customers the ability to test and learn to find out what works best for their brand and audience; giving them the opportunity to develop bespoke formulations with the learnings one they have proven concept.

Pelham Matrix will be dropping new ranges every 2-3 months in multiple product categories across health & beauty based on market trends and innovation, over 200 products planned for 2023 alone.

The first drop, launched on the 1st March, is a range of high performance SPF skincare formulations, all fully tested, approved and ready to go.

Ollie says: "We are known as the Indie brand manufacturer, we seek out challenging briefs which allow us to create 'newness'. Now we're writing briefs to challenge ourselves so we can showcase our creativity to stand head and shoulders above the competition."

Please contact Pelham Matrix directly further details and samples - and check out their website HERE.

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