PIBIPLAST showcases DUE, an innovative sustainable mascara solution, awarded finalist in the packaging category

Published: 12-Jun-2023

Pibiplast is the leading Italian developer and manufacturer of plastic packaging for make-up and personal care, specialized in innovative, versatile solutions combining performance and attention to detail. At MakeUp in Paris Pibiplast showcases DUE, one of the latest “green” mascara innovation from PIBILab

PIBILab is a collaborative space entirely dedicated to innovation, where the company interprets new trends in the sector and anticipates the demand of the market and consumers. In the past few years the focus of PIBILab innovation has of course been on sustainable solutions.

One of the latest output is DUE, a smartly simplified mascara packaging, without giving up performances. Driven by the desire to meet sustainability needs, this innovative proposal is made only of two pieces, hence the name DUE (two in Italian), to minimize the impact on the environment. Typically, mascara packaging consists of five components: bottle, cap, rod, wiper and brush.

The monomaterial pack in PP consists of a bottle with embedded wiper and a one-piece cap with rod and brush (bio-based fibers are also available). In addition to the positive environmental impact of the pack’s lean design - reduced weight and fewer production processes - it is also a cost-competitive option.

DUE is part of the novelties launched in March 2023 featuring the company’s innovations in the field of sustainability, including also Essentia and PIBIKind. Essentia is a make-up packaging line made entirely of mono-materials, a certainly complex challenge for mascara, gloss and eyeliner packaging, which is generally made from different components and different types of raw materials. PIBIKind, instead, is a patent-pending, innovative technology allowing to obtain a surface finish directly from the plastic transformation process that could otherwise only be achieved by painting or coating.

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