Make-up’s magic powder: Morphing cosmetic technology

Published: 21-Nov-2018

Why powder-to-cream and powder-to-water formulations are the next big thing in transformational cosmetic technology

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Hailed as "a mini mystery in a pot" by one fan, powder-to-cream and powder-to- water with its 'magic' ability to turn from a fine light powder into a rich cream is one of the latest technologies to join the genre of transformational cosmetics.

Transformational technology like this is a boon for vloggers and influencers who drive sales through social media; metamorphosis creates a fun visual story and a clear demonstration of the immediate experience demanded by online followers.

There are some truly innovative and effective mutating products on the market already. There is Lipstick Queen's best selling Frog Prince and Mornin' Sunshine, which change from green or yellow lipsticks to flattering peachy and rosy lip shades when applied, as well as the outlandishly foaming bubble face masks, and nail polishes and eyeshadows that change colour in response to skin temperature, or to light or dark.

However, the expectation of authenticity from both blogger and consumer requires any such product to satisfy the forensic scrutiny of the reviewer, and deliver results that go further than novelty and 'Instagram-friendliness' factors.

So what is powder-to-cream and powder-to-water, and what, in a sector dominated by high performance creams and powders, is the purpose of having a product that morphs from the one into the other?

The technology itself has

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