Lush expands solid toothpaste concept


Launches Toothy Tabs in five new flavours

Ethical toiletry brand Lush has launched a range of solid toothpaste. Following the success of its original Toothy Tabs – part of the Dirty range, launched in March 2011 – Lush has extended the concept to include five new fragrance-inspired flavours created by head perfumer Simon Constantine and molecular mixologist Paul Tvaroh.

The tabs were developed in response to the alarming statistic that 2 million tubes of toothpaste are thrown away in the UK every year. Moreover, each discarded tube contains 4% of its original contents, which can’t be squeezed out by consumers, amounting to 70,000 tonnes of toothpaste ending up in landfill each year. In contrast, Lush’s Toothy Tabs – which are based on sodium bicarbonate, cream of tartar and dicalcium phosphate – are packaged in a recyclable box comprising a 100% recycled card outer and a 50% recycled card inner.

In addition to the original Dirty flavour, containing spearmint and neroli, the range features Sparkle, a teeth whitening palette cleanser comprising lemon, grapefruit, black pepper and sea salt; Breath of God, which echoes the fragrance of the same name and is made with the powders of sandalwood, myrrh, benzoin, fennel and vanilla; Aquatic, a blend of lime and jasmine with a hint of green tea and earl grey tea, as well as wakame seaweed; Ultrablast, containing green pea powder, wasabi, dried mint and sea salt for very fresh breath; and what Lush claims is the first Fair Trade certified tooth-cleaning product, Atomic, which is formulated with Fair Trade coffee, cardamom, clove and ginger.