Introducing BeautySourcing: a tool to digitalise your beauty business

Published: 20-Apr-2022 is an online virtual beauty supply chain platform that helps connect you, your products and companies to full-service premium manufacturers. It emerges as a global B2B marketplace for a complete range of beauty supply-side products

BeautySourcing rides the tide of digital transformation in post-pandemic era. The platform facilitates online, immediate communications and subsequent transactions between buyers and suppliers after their short-lived face-to-face interaction at trade shows and beauty events.

Read this Q&A with BeautySourcing’s Marketing Manager, and get to know more about BeautySourcing.

Q: BeautySourcing is brand new to the beauty scene. What exactly is BeautySourcing?

BeautySourcing, in nature, is an online to offline vertical marketplace focusing on beauty supply side. The platform covers a complete range of beauty products, including raw materials, packaging, nails, eyelashes, hair care, hair styling, beauty devices, makeup tools, etc. By actively participating various professional beauty events worldwide, BeautySourcing has managed to break down information barriers in beauty industry. With the help of this platform, suppliers have opportunities to share their own innovative solutions while getting inspirations from their rivals and potential buyers. What’s more, BeautySourcing can get market insights from the real-life interactions with samples from the rest of the world, and then inform professional insiders of the region-specific market dynamics and trends online so as to improve procurement efficiency.

On the Beauty Marketplace page of BeautySourcing’s official website, buyers can easily find the to-be-displayed O2O products through event filtration option. That means buyers can understand market trends through online products while feeling the real manufacturing techniques at offline events. At this time, all products displayed on come from premium Chinese suppliers. But in the near future, we will also welcome beauty suppliers from other countries and regions so as to connect global beauty events and build a dynamic supply chain platform serving beauty industry worldwide.

Q: How does BeautySourcing help you to digitalise your beauty business?

As you see, the COVID-19 pandemic takes a heavy toll on brick-and-mortar shops in all walks of life but online business see a skyrocketing growth. Beauty industry is not an exception. It is at the forefront of digitalisation. Amidst this context, BeautySourcing emerges as a vertical platform dedicated only to beauty supply. At BeautySourcing, we have a vast number of products displayed on our website and large amounts of search and inquiry information collected from buyers. These, together with our intelligent user personas and offline purchase data collected from our worldwide beauty events, enable us to catch market trends and recommend corresponding products and suppliers. Such online plus offline digital business model helps buyers to select suppliers in a more efficient manner. Traditionally, buyers searched products from the massive data on online platforms or just wandered around a large beauty trade show blindly. BeautySourcing makes a big change by making buyers’ demands more accurate and targeted. Users’ digital experience is greatly improved.

Q:How does BeautySourcing meet your sourcing requirement?

Many buyers in beauty industry have keen insights into market dynamics and trends. Comprehensive online marketplaces, such as Alibaba, Global Sources can never meet their needs. Indeed, these platforms have huge amounts of data, but they are less targeted and professional. A possible result is that buyers spend much time searching but find nothing. What these buyers need is a professional platform that can offer one-stop solutions based on big data and market trends. BeautySourcing is just such a platform. With more than 10 years of exploration in beauty sector, we have built a strong network of suppliers. This allows us to recommend top-selling and trending products based on the distinctive features and expertise of each supplier. Our product and supplier recommendation also varies in line with the local market trends and different types of beauty events. Whatever, our users can easily get access to the recommended products on display by searching the event they are interested on our Beauty Marketplace page.

Q:How does BeautySourcing verify premium suppliers listed online?

All suppliers listed on our online platform are strictly screened and selected by our offline team through factory inspection. We value the manufacturing capacity and R&D capabilities. So all of our suppliers have strong manufacturing capacity and R&D capabilities. At the same time, we take into full consideration the language barriers. We select those who have years of foreign trade and exhibition experience as we want to ensure smooth communication without any misunderstanding.

Q: What do you expect for this platform?

In post-pandemic era, business model transformation will be a necessity rather than a choice. Now digital operation model has been accepted by a growing number of industries. I hope BeautySourcing can serve as a bridge between traditional face-to-face transaction and digital platforms. Based on business model innovation, BeautySourcing is expected to optimise the information sorting and push so as to offer better services to suppliers and buyers in the beauty supply chain.

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