IFF showcases bioscience capabilities with AURIST line of functional ingredients

Published: 6-Mar-2023

It's biodegradable hair conditioning biopolymer, AURIST AGC, enables companies to meet increasing regulatory and consumer pressures

IFF announces the launch of AURIST AGC, a novel, biodegradable, cationic biopolymer for improved hair conditioning, in hair care products. AURIST AGC is the first personal care ingredient enabled by IFF’s proprietary Designed Enzymatic Biopolymers (DEB) technology, which uses advanced biotechnology to create a new-to-the-world class of biobased polysaccharides with unique structures and product features. 

The DEB process operates at ambient temperature and pressure without the use of harsh solvents, thereby reducing overall energy use. Manufacturers will now be able to meet the increased regulatory and consumer pressures to replace some traditional polymers with sustainable materials. The polysaccharides developed using this technology can be designed to be biodegradable and can enhance performance in beauty and personal care products.

“AURIST AGC shows the potential of the new DEB platform by using IFF’s extensive biotechnology capabilities to deliver sustainable and high-performance beauty solutions that can truly make a difference in this industry,” said Johan Jansén-Storbacka, director, Personal Care, IFF. “Consumers no longer have to trade-off between sustainability and performance.”

AURIST AGC is part of the new AURIST functional line, which comprises natural and nature-inspired ingredients that are designed to deliver both established and novel sensory profiles along with benefits across a wide variety of applications such as leave-on, rinse-off, skin care, and hair care.

“AURIST allows us to bring our cutting-edge science and large-scale manufacturing capabilities to functional ingredients in the beauty and personal care space,” said Piera Pericu, business segment leader, Personal Care, IFF. “Consumer demand for efficacious and environmentally-responsible products is quickly transforming this industry. Ingredients in the AURIST line are inspired by nature and distinguished by sustainable and natural credentials to empower consumers to do more good while looking great.”

Earlier this year, IFF launched AURIST GHI, an all-natural rheology modifier extracted from the guar bean. AURIST GHI shows excellent synergies with other hydrocolloids to deliver high-viscosity solutions even at low concentrations while delivering a smooth sensory profile. It is easy to formulate with, can be cold processed, and can help reduce energy and production costs for manufacturers of beauty and personal care products. This allows cosmetic formulators to reduce the total use level of rheology modifiers in their final formulations.

The AURIST line of functional ingredients will be showcased at In-Cosmetics Global in Barcelona on Stand U30 from Mar. 28 to 30. To learn more about the AURIST range of products and other innovative personal care ingredient offerings from IFF, click here.

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