IFF celebrated 40 years of LMR Natural Fragrance Ingredients at SIMPPAR 2024

Published: 12-Jun-2024

The occasion was marked by the launch of an exclusive book, a retrospective of Monique’s life and achievements, published by Nez Editions

IFF (NYSE: IFF) celebrated the 40th anniversary of LMR Naturals, and the legacy of its visionary founder, Monique Remy, at this year’s SIMPPAR exhibition (May 28-29, Grasse, France). The occasion was marked by the launch of an exclusive book, a retrospective of Monique’s life and achievements, published by Nez Editions. IFF welcomed perfumers and natural ingredients users from the entire sector, by reflecting on the impression Monique left across the entire perfumery industry, and with an ambitious eye on the opportunities that lie ahead.

“For four decades, LMR has pioneered the creation of natural perfumery ingredients that harness the beauty and quality of nature,” comments Bertrand de Préville, LMR’s General Manager. “We have always stayed true to the values of sustainability, respect, and innovation, instilled by our founder, Monique Remy. For instance, we secured the perfume industry’s first ever third-party certification of a natural supply chain in 2014 after launching the first collection of upcycled fragrance ingredients in 2013. Those were just two of many significant achievements. Today, as demand for natural ingredients spirals, LMR Naturals is well-positioned to serve a market driven by a consumer desire for quality, differentiation, and a commitment to sustainable choices.”

Heritage meets international innovation

As a part of the Scent business unit of IFF, LMR Naturals brings together the best of nature and cutting-edge technology to create a wide range of ingredients for the perfume, personal and home care markets. With access to IFF’s international sourcing and production network, the scale of LMR Naturals’ operation has never been larger, while it remains staunchly committed to upholding sustainability and respect for all stakeholders across its value chain.

Looking ahead, LMR’s internal agronomists are further improving the company’s environmental footprint through close partnerships with global suppliers, while its R&D team is continuing to explore the potential of its recently developed sustainable extraction solvents to unlock every sensory wonder the natural world has to offer

“Even at a time that the industry was moving away from pure naturals, LMR advocated the power and beauty of nature,” continues de Bertrand de Préville. “Building on Monique’s determination, ambition, and expertise, IFF has created a unique business, which we are proud to showcase ‘at home’ in Grasse later this month. We’re looking forward to engaging in more discussions with partners about the unique properties of our ingredients and the comprehensive support and creativity we can offer customers looking to develop their next innovations. Monique remains an inspiration to us all, and our carefully-curated book, L’Art du Naturel is a demonstration of that. It showcases the work and the legacy of a fierce entrepreneur who was undoubtedly a visionary ahead of her time.”

SIMPPAR attendees were invited to visit booth D4 to learn more about LMR Naturals, experience the book’s unique insights and delve into the values of sustainability, respect and innovation that continue to drive LMR Naturals, four decades since its establishment. Visit: https://lmrnaturals.iff.com/

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