Haut.AI claims to be the first company to incorporate generative AI for skin simulations

Published: 19-Apr-2023

Haut.AI, a SaaS company specialising in artificial intelligence for skin, hair, and wellness analytics, has just announced its new generative AI tech for modelling skin conditions - SkinGPT

This breakthrough in the beauty industry uses AI to create synthetic images and apply skin conditions to input image data. SkinGPT enables users to upload their photos and apply AI to simulate how their skin will change over time when using certain skincare products.  SkinGPT enables the first-ever skincare virtual try-on with photorealistic simulations and scientific backing.

SkinGPT-generated content fills the gap between consumer expectations and product effects by visualising long-term cosmetic benefits. The tool is intended for beauty brands and retailers, who can implement it into their e-commerce retail. They can educate consumers about the changes skin might undergo if using (or not using) certain products. Haut.AI’s product-specific technology uses simulations based on given products’ clinical claims to ensure accuracy. 

Haut.AI's SkinGPT also raises awareness of the adverse effects of environmental factors such as allergens, solar insolation, and pollution on the skin. These factors can influence the skin long term, causing prolonged inflammation, but consumers are often unaware of the consequences - SkinGPT helps to visualise their effects over the months and years and show why it’s worth taking preventative measures.

Haut.AI aims to educate younger customers on the importance of skincare as well. Teenagers and people in their twenties tend to neglect adequate skincare, feeling they do not benefit from products as much as the mature group. SkinGPT simulation allows younger consumers to project different trajectories of their skin’s futures and realise the long-term benefits of personalised product usage.

It facilitates R&D and testing by generating synthetic images of aging effects, product effects, and environmental damage. It enables data augmentation and fills gaps in data, such as age and phenotype.

"Generative AI is omnipresent, and beauty shouldn’t lag. I am proud that Haut.AI is the first to introduce generative skincare AI. Our technology educates consumers and allows them to get transparency on the effects promised by beauty brands. SkinGPT is just beginning, further facilitating R&D through synthetic images and unlocking new heights in the beauty industry. We're committed to pushing the boundaries of AI in skin care, and SkinGPT is proof of our ongoing research," commented Anastasia Georgievskaya, the Co-Founder and CEO of Haut.AI.

Haut.AI's SkinGPT combines generative pre-trained transformers, diffusion models, GANs, and classical computer vision models, enabling the creation of photorealistic images. Image-to-image and noise-to-image conversion techniques are used, utilising computer vision models for a skin assessment and image generation.

Knowing the current generative AI has its limitations, Haut.AI is determined to push the boundaries of AI in skincare continuously. Following the launch of SkinGPT, Haut.AI plans to expand its AI offerings, currently working with DALL-E for skin - a text-to-image tool for beauty-specific fields. Haut.AI aims to become a toolbox for AI-powered beauty industry solutions, pioneering personalisation and beauty intelligence.

SkinGPT is a game-changer in the skincare industry, providing a fun and engaging way to gamify technology while providing tangible benefits. Haut.AI facilitates R&D, educates consumers, and elevates customer experiences. Following its launch in 2018, the company again proves they are the key player to watch at the forefront of beauty tech research and innovation.

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