Haut.AI is a leading European AI company revolutionizing the skincare and beauty industry through cutting-edge technology. Their AI-powered SaaS platform analyzes facial images to assess various skin health and beauty metrics. By processing millions of data points, Haut.AI generates personalized skincare recommendations tailored to individual needs and goals.

As a B2B SaaS provider, Haut.AI partners with skincare brands and retailers, integrating their technology into e-commerce platforms, mobile apps, or in-store consultations. This enables businesses to offer customers a highly personalized and engaging skincare experience, enhancing customer satisfaction and driving sales.

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Haut.AI's Skin Analysis SaaS is a sophisticated tool that utilizes advanced artificial intelligence to provide users with a deep understanding of their skin's condition. The process begins with a simple selfie captured using the Smart Camera (LIQA), which guides the user to ensure optimal lighting and positioning for accurate results.

This selfie is then analyzed by Haut.AI's proprietary algorithms, which have been trained on millions of diverse skin images and validated by dermatologists. These algorithms assess various skin aspects, such as wrinkles, texture, pigmentation, and pore size, by identifying and measuring specific patterns and features in the skin. The result is a comprehensive report detailing the user's skin strengths and areas that could benefit from improvement.


Beyond the detailed report, Haut.AI's SaaS leverages its AI capabilities to offer personalized product recommendations tailored to the individual's unique skin profile. By understanding the specific needs and concerns highlighted in the analysis, the software suggests targeted solutions that are most likely to yield positive results. This personalized approach ensures that users receive the most relevant and effective skincare advice.


Haut.AI's Skin Analysis is available as an Application Programming Interface (API), allowing brands to easily integrate AI-based skin analysis into their existing platforms and applications. The platform is designed with no-code tools, enabling brands to quickly set up and customize the app without the need for extensive technical resources. Brands can tailor colours, visuals, and copywriting to align with their unique brand identity.


The technology has diverse applications, from personalized product recommendations on e-commerce sites to virtual skin consultations and in-store analysis kiosks. Brands utilizing Haut.AI's e-commerce widget have seen significant increases in user engagement, with new users spending considerably more time on their platforms.


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