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Groomed Youth – market power for the teens

Published: 12-Jun-2013

Understanding the consumer preferences of the younger generation is a key notion for the entire personal care market as the youth of today further their position of power for brand owners.

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Techno-savvy teens are a very influential consumer group. So how can beauty and personal care brands appeal to this discerning demographic? asks Julia Wray

Today’s workers might be tightening their belts, but their offspring are enjoying an unprecedented level of consumer power. Not only are teens forging the way when it comes to the use of new technology, they’re defining what is popular across the board. And as illustrated by the rise and rise of nail art, teen led trends will often filter up to wealthier, older consumers.

“Are teens aspirational? Yes. Savvy? Absolutely. Do they have spending power? Definitely,” affirms Janine da Costa, Education Training Manager at professional skin care brand Dermalogica, whose Clean Start range has been developed for teens. “An entire generation of eight-23 year olds spend millions, even billions annually. They heavily influence their parents’ big purchase decisions, drive trends and have access to more information than any other generation in history.”

But ensuring your brand resonates with today’s young people – also known as millenials or generation Y – is far from easy. They are consumers who have grown up seeing online trends appear, go global then tire in a matter of weeks, and they can be cynical and unresponsive when faced with brands that come across as overly commercial.

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