Garnier granted milestone approval under the Leaping Bunny programme

By Julia Wray 9-Mar-2021

L’Oréal-owned beauty brand met criteria for the Cruelty Free International initiative and can now carry the Leaping Bunny logo on its products

Garnier granted milestone approval under the Leaping Bunny programme

Cruelty Free International has approved cosmetics and hair care brand Garnier under its Leaping Bunny programme.

The cruelty-free programme requires brands to ‘forensically investigate’ their entire supply chain, including raw materials and individual ingredients, for any cases of animal testing, and approval must be given to all of a brand’s finished products.

To be eligible, says Cruelty Free International, brands must also adhere to a fixed cut-off date and accept ongoing independent audits.

To meet Leaping Bunny’s criteria, Garnier had to secure a declaration from more than 500 suppliers, who source more than 3,000 different ingredients from across the world. Only then could it be approved to display the Cruelty Free International Leaping Bunny logo.

The organisation hopes the move will encourage other L’Oréal brands, or even the group as a whole to likewise seek Leaping Bunny approval.

“Garnier is a global brand familiar to us all,” said Michelle Thew, Cruelty Free International’s CEO.

“To work with them to help end animal testing for cosmetics and declare them officially approved under the Cruelty Free International Leaping Bunny programme is a real milestone. It has taken many months, but Garnier have diligently reviewed every supplier and source and we are completely confident with the results.

“Garnier being approved under the Leaping Bunny programme is an important gear shift for major cosmetics and a step in the right direction towards meeting the European Parliament’s call for a worldwide ban on testing cosmetics on animals by 2023, a call which Cruelty Free International wholeheartedly supports.

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“It is the first of many L’Oréal Group brands and we urge more to step forward for Leaping Bunny approval.”