Finding an alternative with natural ingredients

Published: 8-Aug-2013

A look into the natural substitutes to synthetics for personal care products

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In the second part of his look at natural ingredients, John Woodruff explores the natural alternatives on offer for preservation, skin protection, hair styling and body washes

While natural alternatives to synthetic ingredients are commonplace in the C&T industry, one sector more than any other, has tapped into this zeitgeist. Concerns over existing preservatives continues and the demand for more natural systems is evident. Although prominent in the supply of ‘approved’ preservatives, Shülke & Mayr now also supplies Sensiva PA 30 to meet this demand. Described as half natural, half nature identical, Sensiva PA 30 is a synergistic blend that combines the antimicrobial activity of two nature identical fragrance ingredients, phenethyl alcohol and undecyl alcohol, with naturally derived propanediol. The moisturising properties of propanediol improve the skin feel of formulations while enhancing the efficacy of the antimicrobial components to stabilise cosmetic compositions against typical microbiological contamination.

Inolex suggests Lexgard Natural [INCI: Glyceryl caprylate, glyceryl undecylenate] as an all natural multifunctional ingredient system for preservative-free and self-preserving cosmetics. It is 100% vegetable derived. Dermosoft 1388 Eco [INCI: Aqua, glycerin, sodium levulinate, sodium anisate] is a natural preservative suitable for oral care from Dr. Straetmans. Also from Dr. Straetmans Dermosoft Decalact [INCI:Sodium caproyl/lauroyl lactyl lactate] is a natural antimicrobial agent derived from sugar beet. It is effective against gram positive bacteria and yeasts with efficacy against those causing dandruff, athlete’s foot, thrush and acne. The third antimicrobial material from Dr. Straetmans is Dermosoft MCA Variante [INCI: Caprylyl glycol, dipropylene glycol, glyceryl caprylate] offering broad-spectrum protection to perfume-free products.

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