Emerald Lipstick – smooth, elegant and versatile

Published: 15-Jun-2023

Quadpack’s new monomaterial lipstick offers high-performance in a clean, minimalist design

The new Emerald Lipstick from international beauty manufacturer and provider Quadpack is an expression of minimalist elegance. Stripped down to its essential features, it encapsulates high performance in an elegant design that’s completely monomaterial.

The lipstick is available in a square or cylindrical shape, with a choice of materials. These include recyclable PET and up to 100% recycled PET (rPET) for brands looking for a more positive impact from their packaging. Moreover, the mechanism is POM-free for improved circularity.

The mechanism works smoothly and the 12.7mm cup is perfectly sized for most lipsticks on the market, with a capacity of 4-4.5g. The design has harmonious proportions for ease of use. The top-filling stick is incredibly versatile and can contain a range of makeup and skincare products, such as lip colour, balm and solid fragrance.

Emerald’s understated aesthetics can be enhanced with a host of discrete finishes – including silk screening, hot stamping, matt spray and pearl varnish – to achieve a look of refined simplicity.

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