Cosmetics Business reveals top 10 campaigns of 2018

By Becky Bargh 19-Dec-2018

2018 has welcomed an array of campaigns fronted by the beauty category, from anti-bullying to plastic pollution clean ups, recycling with Mandy Moore and body confidence. Here, Cosmetics Business reveals the top 10 campaigns from the last 12 months

Despite the beauty industry shielding itself from some bad press over the last 12 months, 2018 has seen the sector tackle some a number of consumer issues from recycling to body confidence.

These are our top ten picks over the last year:

10. Garnier x Mandy Moore with TerraCycle

The L’Oréal-owned brand partnered with the American singer-songwriter to promote recycling personal care products across American university campuses.

9. Avon partnership with CoppaFeel! and Liverpool FC Women

The direct-selling brand formed a partnership with the charity and women’s football team to raise awareness for breast cancer, which is still the most common form of cancer among women in the UK.

8. Dove x Cartoon Network promoting body confidence

The partnership, lasting two years, will promote body confidence and self-esteem among young people through the Cartoon Network’s new TV series, Steven Universe.

7. Body hair positivity movement from Gillette Venus

’My Skin, My Way’ advert aimed to show women realistically removing their armpit and leg hair, without using airbrushed models.

6. Rimmel’s #IWILLNOTBEDELETED campaign

Through its campaign, the colour cosmetic brand hopes to stamp out beauty cyberbullying after statistics showed one in four women have experience negative or abusive comments online.

5. The Body Shop and Cruelty Free International's Forever Against Animal Testing

The joint venture between The Body Shop and Cruelty Free International kicked off in June 2017, but has since garnered 8.3 million signatures, lobbying for a global end to animal testing.

In October, the companies delivered the petition to the UN headquarters in New York, US, after reaching their 8 million target.

4. Schwarzkopf Million Chances project

This initiative from the Henkel-owned hair care brand set about hiring women and girls in Haiti to help clean up the plastic pollution problem, offering money and household necessities in exchange for plastic collection from the streets.

3. Beauty insiders unite with Beauty Banks initiative

This year, industry professionals Sali Hughes and Jo Jones united the UK beauty sector in an effort to give back to the 13 million people living in poverty.

2. Lush’s 'Naked' projects

Over the course of 2018, ethical beauty brand Lush has been gaining traction with its ‘Naked’ initiative, which launched in 2017.

For the last 12 months, the brand has revealed 'Naked' cosmetics, body products and even stores all in the name of reducing waste.

1. Greenpeace’s Save Rang-tan campaign

In an effort to raise awareness for deforestation for palm oil across Indonesia, ngo Greenpeace released its Save Rang-tan project, narrated by actress Emma Thompson.

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