Clean and smart beauty brand LOOkX takes another step towards less waste

Published: 6-Feb-2020

For years now, we’ve been teaming up with our suppliers to make our packaging more recyclable and less polluting. We’ve come up with a durable outside case with refill system for our lotion, cleansers, liquid eyeliner, eyeshadows and mini-blush. And we’re working on more refillables, as we speak.

Our packages are shipped in recycled brown cardboard boxes filled with eco-bubbles, i.e. foam chips that are 100% biological. They dissolve in water, so just leave them in your sink and they’ll melt as you wash your hands.

This week, in our quest to become more and more sustainable we’ve taken another step. We’re removing all cellophane from our packaging. Literally. Everything new coming from our production line is packaged without it.

Of course, everybody knows production is done in batches. Which means that, in our warehouse, we have supplies which are still wrapped in cellophane.

We are manually unwrapping it all. Just to make sure our customers won’t receive any unnecessary packaging materials anymore, and to leave the responsibility of recycling the cellophane with us.

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