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LOOkX is always there for you as your skin evolves. Your skin now, isn’t the same as your skin yesterday. Or as it will be – tomorrow. Adapting to time, your skin needs skincare that consistently delivers under any condition. Skincare that's tailored to your unique needs and genuinely delivers on its promises.

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For over two decades already, LOOkX stands as an innovator, offering high-quality, honest cosmetic products with proven effectiveness. By harnessing plant stem cell extracts, such as from tomatoes and grapes, our products boost your skin's vitality fifty-fold, thanks to our unique Skin science technologies. Our Time release technology ensures that these potent ingredients are delivered precisely when your skin needs them, making a visible and lasting impact. In the pursuit of beauty excellence, LOOkX leverages innovative technology, multi-purpose products, and personalisation to help everyone achieve their best look. With thousands of ambassadors and over 17,000 daily treatments worldwide, LOOkX is a testament to skincare that works, adapting and responding just as your skin does.

Your skin now, isn’t the same as your skin yesterday.
Or as it will be – tomorrow

Your skin is alive.
It’s constantly in motion.
It’s shifting and evolving with each passing of time.
Whether it’s due to harsh sunrays, your diet, hormones, sleep, stress or the natural
aging process, your skin is always adapting to the world around it.

Your skin is everchanging.
That’s why you need skincare that’s everworking.

Skincare with proven benefits, instead of empty promises.
No matter the circumstances

At LOOkX we go through great lengths to develop skincare products that truly work.
Our products are not empty promises of moisturising, protection or anti-aging.
Our products deliver results, full stop.

So, don’t let the whims of the weather, or the passing of time dim your skin’s natural beauty.
Always look better. With LOOkX – cosmetics for the Everchanging Skin.


LOOkX Beauty

Cindy van der Peet,

Expert in Dermo-cosmetics and Founder of LOOkX “The time of just smearing something on the skin is over. We like to set a new standard with cosmetics that really work, regardless of your life stage, lifestyle, mood, or other circumstances. No empty promises, but care products that do what they promise. Always. Our customers can rely on us.” As a family-owned company since 1999, LOOkX is more than a brand; it's a movement towards effective, innovative skincare for the everchanging skin.

LOOkX Beauty

LOOkX Skincare

At LOOkX, we understand that your skin today is not the same as yesterday, or will it be the same tomorrow. It's alive, constantly adapting to environmental changes, diet, hormones, stress, and aging. That's why we believe in skincare that works tirelessly, offering proven benefits without empty promises. Our mission is to ensure your skin's natural beauty never fades, adapting seamlessly to the whims of weather and time.

LOOkX is designed for every skin condition, mood, and life stage. From combating the first signs of aging to boosting hydration, collagen, and elastin, we target moods, not just skin types. Our makeup line extends this philosophy, enhancing the skin's optimal condition.

Plant stem cell technology: The heart of our innovation

Our products leverage cutting-edge plant stem cell technology, delivering up to 50 times the power of natural ingredients. This technology ensures our ingredients are biocompatible, absorbed faster, better, and more effectively. LOOkX products contain the most clinically tested percentage of active ingredients for unparalleled results.

Clean beauty: Our promise to you and the planet

LOOkX stands for clean beauty - honest, respectful, and transparent. Our products are free from harmful ingredients, cruelty-free, and produced with ECOCERT Swiss certified production. Many of our products are multi-purpose, every LOOkX product has at least three (often more) purposes and the number of products that have a convenient and sustainable refill system continues to grow. 

LOOkX Beauty

LOOkX Makeup

Don't compromise skincare with makeup that clogs pores and dries out the skin. LOOkX Makeup enhances the effectiveness of skincare and immediately promotes healthier skin. How that’s possible? Through our innovative makeup technology!

For instance, anti-aging and hydrating ingredients are added to the makeup in effective percentages. With this technology, we have the ability to incorporate natural UV filters and vitamins stably into our makeup. The result: a beautiful, radiant skin!

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LOOkX Beauty LOOkX Beauty LOOkX Beauty LOOkX Beauty


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