Can this new active protect the skin from blue light?

Published: 14-Jun-2018

Millennials spend a total of 49 days a year on their smartphones. But what is this doing to their skin? And how can we minimise damage without switching off? Amélie Clairet introduces a ginseng-derived active ingredient to protect skin cells from screen-emitted artificial visible light

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According to a recent study, the time spent on smartphones by millennials is estimated at 3.2 hours a day, which is 22 hours a week and 49 days a year[1].

Another report records that US consumers own four digital devices on average and spend 60 hours a week consuming content through digital media[2] – and this is without the time spent in front of screens for professional activities.

These screens emit artificial visible light (AVL) constantly. Daily use of electronic devices (cell phones, computers and tablets) therefore leads to increased exposure to LED sources emitting in visible light wavelengths.

Even if the amount of energy emitted by these electronic devices is weak, users are very close to the light source and spend a lot of time in front of these screens.

While the effects of screen exposure on sleep quality and on eyes are well-documented, the impact on the skin is far less understood.

For the first time, screen-emitted AVL has been precisely characterised – and unique equipment accurately recreating the characteristic light emitted by screens has been developed by Gattefossé[3].

Screen emitted light acts as an additional environmental stress, resulting in increased cellular fatigue; it also disrupts the morphology and behaviour of key skin cells: the fibroblasts

AVL on skin

To characterise the light source emitted by electronic screens (smartphones, tablets and computers), the spectral irradiance (or radiant power) of the wavelength sprectrum 360-1,000nm was

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