Inspiration 2024, Gattefossé introduces its latest collection of innovative formulas

Published: 16-Feb-2024

Gattefossé sets 2024 under the theme of "Renaissance" for its new INSPIRATION release. Between reality and imagination, Gattefossé transports its clients into a dreamlike world where nature intertwines with magic for a fresh start

A new kit composed of 7 magical formulas

The application laboratories of Gattefossé in Lyon and the United States have co-developed seven new formulas to stimulate imagination and explore new horizons. Infused with enchantment, this new collection perfectly illustrates the need to reconnect with nature and draw from the imagination to marvel and cultivate moments to dream. A proper antidote for the current societal context!

“For this new edition of Inspiration 2024, we have developed the concept of "Renaissance" like a fairy tale. The story begins in the depths of the forest, a natural source of renewal where positive benefits manifest on our well-being, reconnecting us to our roots. It is a true rebirth, a reconnection between human beings and their environment. The narrative continues by drawing from the imagination, thus reviving the inner child with magic and wonder. To cultivate these dream moments, I invite you to explore our new collection of formulas and let your imagination run wild.” - Marine Lochouarn, Technical Marketing Manager at Gattefossé France

Exploring the wooded and dreamlike universe of Renaissance

This new edition unveils itself as a story composed of  two key chapters – "Walk in the Woods" and "Eternal Daydream" – each exploring, in its own way, a common approach: the Renaissance

Chapter 1: Walk in the woods

In this chapter, beauty emanates from the depths of the Earth, emphasizing the importance of protecting and reconsidering nature at its true value. It highlights the need to restore the whimsical and marvelous connection between humans and nature.

Focus on Redness Rescue Paste | 2862-3.07

This all-in-one formula offers a dual transformation, both visual and sensorial. In the blink of an eye, the thick paste transforms into a cream, easy to apply and spread. At the same time, its green color instantly changes into beige to correct redness, provide covering, and even out the complexion. This water-in-oil formula perfectly showcases the distinctive properties of Emulium® Illustro.

Chapter 2: Eternal Daydream

Turning to the next chapter, magic and reverie invite you to escape through fantasy to a dreamlike world, leaving room for wonder and contemplation of an eternal life. This enchanting atmosphere awakens the child within us to dream of a better future.

Focus on Dreamy Cloud Cream | 2853-1.10

With its airy texture and whipped pale pink appearance, this cream provides a sensation of nebulous lightness. The velvety emulsion created with Emulium® Dolcea MB brings a smooth texture, optimal hydration, and extreme softness. The feeling of weightlessness, akin to floating in the clouds, is made possible with the presence of Elevastin™, an active ingredient with anti-gravity properties.

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