4 body care formulations that work out for active consumers


From a streamlined silhouette to chafe-free cycling, this month’s formulations cater to the body care needs of today’s fast-paced, fun-loving consumer demographics

Cosmetics Business rounds up the latest body care formulations that cater to the body care needs of today’s fast-paced, fun-loving consumer demographics.

From a streamlined silhouette to chafe-free cycling – here are four active formulations:

Formulation 1

With brands like The Perfect V, Saas and Below The Belt adding glamour and humour to the intimate hygiene segment, Surfachem provides its take on the growing category: Love Down Below.


Disperse Carbopol in water then fully dissolve Erylite with mixing. Disperse Lactil, Schercemol NGDO, Tegosoft OER, Schercemol 1688 and Ximenia Oil in order. Add Saliguard SP. Change pH to 5.0-5.1. Add Tego Pep 4-Comfort. Check pH and viscosity.

Formulation 2

From Rahn comes a top-to-toe silhouette-refiner called Emotion Lotion, which contains the supplier's Slimexir tightening active.


Mix phase A. Sprinkle phase B on surface. Wait until powder is fully saturated; mix thoroughly until completely smooth. Mix phase C while stirring. Add phase C to phase AB while stirring; homogenise. Add phases E and F while stirring then homogenise.

Formulation 3

Out-of-this-world beauty is having such a moment that this month's Cosmetics Business Regulatory Summit features a full seminar dedicated to the topic! Innospec has also eyed this as a trend if the company's Unicorn Sparkle Exfoliating Body Buffer sample formulation is anything to go by.


Charge vessel with water and stir. Add Carbopol Aqua SF-2. Mix until dispersed. Add glycerine and stir. Heat drum(s) of Pureact WS Conc to 40-50°C until melted. Mix until homogeneous. Add to the main vessel. Add sequentially Pureact Gluco D and Pureact SCG. Mix until uniform. Adjust pH to 6.5-6.8. Add phase C to the main vessel. Slowly mix. The system should thicken with the addition of betain. Add preservative ingredients and fragrance. Mix until dissolved. Adjust pH to 5.7-6.2. Add mica powder and beads.

Formulation 4

Consumers are starting to look for aspirational products that help them better perform sports and leisure activities… and recover afterwards! This Bike Riding Film-Former contains ingredients from Seppic and is described as an airy anti-friction cream.

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