Labskin and Skin Trust Club Visit the UK, USA and Europe in a whirlwind of conferences

Published: 21-Apr-2022

What an exciting end to the first quarter of 2022 for the Labskin and Skin Trust Club teams. Four events, three teams, two continents

After so long being confined to webinars and online conferences it has been an absolute pleasure to return to face-to-face events.

9th Microbiome Forum, San Diego CA 29th & 30th March

Labskin and Skin Trust Club Visit the UK, USA and Europe in a whirlwind of conferences

The first event of the week kicked off on Tuesday 29th in San Diego California. Eric Clarke, Head of Sales and Nicola Meldrum, Marketing Manager represented Labskin at the event as Gold Sponsors.

On Day 1 Eric led the Labskin presentation. He delved into the history of Labskin, how Skin Trust Club has been developed and introduced the attendees to the wide ranging testing services Labskin provides. Questions from the floor were eagerly anticipated by Eric who was delighted to engage further with attendees.

It was fantastic to have the chance to meet with existing clients during the event. Nicola and Eric caught up with Stepan and Genotek, while also taking time to speak with other microbiome-friendly brands about potential brand partnerships and business opportunities.

Day 2 of the Microbiome Forum included further presentations from industry leaders and academics with a myriad of interesting topics covered. Eric and Nicola engaged with attendees during networking sessions during and after the event. We are already looking forward to the European edition this summer!

Skin Microbiome Industry Summit, London 30th & 31st March

Labskin and Skin Trust Club Visit the UK, USA and Europe in a whirlwind of conferences

Labskin’s second conference of the week was held in London, a shorter trek from York than the team before!. The Skin Microbiome Industry Summit was held in London’s Hard Rock Cafe, an annual event which had been postponed twice due to Covid-19. It was great to be back in person. Dr Éile Butler, Senior Technical Research Manager, Dr Aoife McHugh, Senior Scientist and Chris Kaprelian, Senior Business Development Manager were delighted to attend as representatives at the Labskin sponsored event.

Dr Eile Butler and Dr Aoife McHugh ran a joint presentation at the event which was attended by Industry leaders and academics alike. The presentation was very well received by all in attendance.

The conference created several opportunities for the team to meet with academics and R&D experts in the skin microbiome field, with future collaborations and partnerships up for discussion.

Personalized Beauty Summit 2022, San Francisco CA 30th & 31st March

The final event of the week saw the team from Skin Trust Club travel to San Francisco in sunny California for the Personalized Beauty Summit 2022 as Headline Testing Partners. Niamh O’Kennedy, Group Marketing Officer, Dr David Caballero-Lima, Head of R&D and Colin O’Sullivan, Chief Information Officer were delighted to present Skin Trust Club at the event, with the US launch of the app now well underway!

Labskin and Skin Trust Club Visit the UK, USA and Europe in a whirlwind of conferences

On the first day of the event, David led a Panel Discussion about “The Role of the Microbiome in Personalised Skincare”. He was joined by industry experts Dana Lucas of the Good Face Project, Juliana Durack of Symbiome and Lada Rasochova of Dermala for a lively discussion where everyone agreed on the importance of the skin microbiome in the personalised skincare arena in the future.

Immediately following the panel discussion, David, Colin and Niamh presented an overview of Skin Trust Club and the launch into the US market. They explained the history of Labskin, the type of tests and studies that Labskin offer and our newest certification “Microbiome-Friendly+ Seal of Approval”.

They then took attendees on the journey of building Skin Trust Club from Labskin. Expanding out from the business to business services originally on offer, and delivering the knowledge to the consumer directly - giving consumers the power to understand their skin and discover the skincare regime which works best for them.

Some interesting insights were revealed from the largest skin microbiome database in the world, owned by Labskin. Finally they discussed the benefits of partner brands coming on board the Skin Trust Club platform.

On Day 2, David hosted a panel with Kim Capone FemTec Health and Dr Elsa Jungman from ELSI Skin Health - The topic was The Skin Microbiome, a new dimension in Personalization. It was an excellent session, incredibly informative and very engaging with a lot of interaction from the panel and attendees. Plenty of partner opportunities were discussed with great emphasis on working together with Microbiome-Friendly brands.

InCosmetics Paris, April 5-8th

At the beginning of April, InCosmetics Global returned after a 2 year break due to travel restrictions. The first major Trade Show of the year for the team, it was an exciting and busy three days for all.

Labskin and Skin Trust Club Visit the UK, USA and Europe in a whirlwind of conferences

Chris Kaprelian, Senior Business Development Manager, Nicola Meldrum, Marketing Manager, Tracey Ryan, Skincare Scientific Advisor and Matteo Capocefalo, Services Manager were all in attendance for the event. Labskin had a booth in the Innovation Centre and a Sensory Bar where attendees of the show could experience the Skin Trust Club features including mobile app and skin test kit.

With so many different brands and formulation experts in attendance there was ample opportunity for the team to mingle and learn from others in the skin microbiome space and also to introduce these brands to the Skin Trust Club partner opportunities and Labskin testing and certification services. During the event, the team met with lots of Microbiome-Friendly brands and discussions are well underway to become Skin Trust Club Brand Partners.

Nicola and Tracey, well versed in the online and instagram worlds of cosmetics and skincare, were delighted to meet with a number of major influencers in the cosmetics world. The team had a fangirl moment to meet with Charlotte Palermino, skincare expert and founder of Dieux Skin. Charlotte is well known for her educational skincare videos that take the approach of “Myth-Busting” the various beliefs consumers have in the cosmetic and skincare industries.

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