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Gen Z named the biggest beauty spenders globally

Published: 2-Sep-2019

A.S. Watson’s latest research shows that 86% of its Gen Z consumers are spending on beauty

Gen Z consumers have been named the biggest generation of beauty spenders, according to new global data from A.S. Watson.

The health and beauty retailer found that on average 86% of its Gen Z shoppers were beauty shoppers in 2019, with over 70% of their spend going towards beauty products – the highest among all generations.

Malina Ngai, Group Chief Operating Officer of A.S. Watson Group, said: “Generation Z is shaping up to have great spending power and they are the future of modern retail.

“It’s important to stay relevant to them, not only focusing on the products they want, but also the stories and experiences that goes with them.”

A.S. Watson gathered its data from its global store network, which comprises over 15,200 stores under 12 retail brands in 25 markets, including Superdrug, Watsons, The Perfume Shop and Rossman.

Despite the prevalence of online shopping, the data revealed that Gen Z prefers shopping for beauty in-store, with 99% shopping offline.

‘Destination stores’ are popular choices for the consumer tribe, who crave tangible experiences in shopping malls and city centres.

In an A.S. Watson focus group Chloe Skinner, 19, from the UK, said: “I do look online a lot when I’m planning what to buy but I love shopping in stores with my friends, especially when there are fun things for us to do like playing on the make-up mirrors that let us create pics of ourselves to share on Snapchat.”

Using a combination approach, Gen Z are found to use their phones to read reviews and glean feedback while browsing in-store.

Trends, prices and quality are influencing factors on purchase.

Ngai added: “Gen Z is a very different customer to the Millennials that came before them.

“They are reinvigorating the retail industry with their desire for experience and activities, while at the same time helping shape a more sustainable future with their emphasis on the environment and doing good.”

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