Dr Brandt raises awareness of mental illness on new website

By Sarah Parsons | Published: 23-Jan-2017

The skin care brand is highlighting its founder's story alongside details of the Dr Brandt Foundation, established after his death

Dr Brandt has given its website a makeover to help consumers learn more about its legacy and shed light on the issue of mental illness.

The skin care company has created a tribute page for its founder, Dr Fredric Brandt, and now provides details of its skin care specialists and the Dr Brandt Foundation.

Following Brandt’s death in 2015, the foundation was set up to create a dialogue about mental health concerns and suicide prevention. The charitable branch of the brand also supports the research of skin diseases in partnership with the University of Miami.

“We felt it was important to have a digital imprint online that shared our DNA and celebrated our legacy,” Stephane Colleu, CEO of Dr Brandt told WWD. “This, coupled with the explosive growth of mobile commerce and our new audience on social media, convinced us it was time to upgrade our digital offering to continue to capture and engage new customers.”

Customers needing advice on how to use the products will now have this support. The revamped website will contain video tutorials demonstrating how to properly apply the products, as well as more content suggesting skin care solution tips.

Alongside conventional payment methods, consumers will be able to use PayPal, Amazon Payments and ApplePay on the website.

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