Coty launches first-ever globally distributed fragrance using 100% carbon-captured alcohol

By Amanda Pauley | Published: 5-Apr-2023

The debut of Gucci Where My Heart Beats is part of the giant’s promise to boost its sustainability efforts and consign single-use carbon to history

Coty has launched the world’s first globally distributed fragrance which is manufactured using 100% carbon-captured alcohol.

The beauty giant’s Gucci Where My Heart Beats fragrance is manufactured using alcohol from 100% recycled carbon emissions. 

It uses CarbonSmartô alcohol technology from LanzaTech – a provider of carbon recycling technology – which captures carbon from industrial emissions and transforms it into alcohol for use in fine fragrances.

Coty and LanzaTech partnered up in March 2021 and started production in January 2022.  

Until now, Coty has introduced carbon-captured alcohol into its fragrances using a mass balance methodology, where traditional alcohol was mixed with carbon-captured alcohol. 

The move is part of the beauty giant’s promise to consign single-use carbon to history.

Part of this pledge was to make the majority of its fragrances from sustainably-sourced ethanol by 2023

“Coty is the first company to introduce carbon-captured alcohol into fine fragrances for global distribution,” said Dr Shimei Fan, Coty’s Chief Scientific and Sustainability Officer.

“This is an inspiring example of sustainability being the ultimate driver of innovation.

“Beyond the science, there is something magical in upcycling industrial emissions into alcohol pure enough for use in fine fragrances.”

Coty has been looking into other avenues to take sustainability in the beauty industry to new levels.

The conglomerate recently filed an international patent for a refill machine which enables customers to blend and top up empty perfume containers in store. 

Fragrances in Coty’s beauty portfolio include Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu, Calvin Klein, Roberto Cavalli and Hugo Boss.

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