Blackout Tuesday: How the beauty industry is supporting the Black Lives Matter cause

Published: 1-Jun-2020

Cosmetics brands across the world have responded to the George Floyd protests and urged consumers to show their support

As the US enters another day of protests following the death of African American George Floyd in police custody, beauty brands are pledging their support to racial injustice causes and charities.

A large number of beauty brands – such as It Cosmetics, Urban Decay, Cantu, CoverGirl, Ren, Living Proof, Morphe, Tarte Cosmetics, Soko Glam, Fourth Ray, Nyx, Peach & Lily and Maybelline – have offered monetary donations to non-profit organisations.

Meanwhile others, including Fenty Beauty, NARS, Glam Glow, Beauty Bakerie, Uoma, Benefit Cosmetics, Ole Henriksen, Bite, Lush and MAC have voiced their support to the #BlackLivesMatter cause via social media statements over the week.

"Like many of you, I’ve been watching the news and seeing the pain experienced by African Americans and communities of colour more broadly across America," said Jean-André Rougeot, President & CEO of Sephora Americas in an open letter.

"I have gone from being speechless… to feeling a strong need to speak up and address what is happening."

Addressing Sephora's black employees, he continued: "We see you. We know you’re hurting. We are here to support wherever and however we can.

"For employees who have been directly affected by demonstrations in your local communities: We support you, too. Some of our stores did not open up this week as planned due to protests. Some closed early. Some were damaged. Our stores can always be repaired and reopened. Your safety is our most important priority."

Many members of the beauty industry have also followed the music industry's lead by taking part in 'Blackout Tuesday' on 2 June.

Businesses, such as LVMH-owned Fenty Beauty, have stopped trading to "reflect and find ways to make a real change" and cosmetic companies, influencers and consumers that use Instagram are posting black squares in solidarity with the protests.

Here is a list of different ways beauty brands are supporting the black lives matter movement.

1. Glossier

Digital native beauty brand Glossier took to Instagram to share its commitment to black consumers and anti-racist causes.

"We stand in solidarity with the fight against systemic racism, white supremacy, and the historical oppression of the Black Community. Black Lives Matter," the brand wrote.

The indie brand will be donating US$1m in total: $500,000 to non-profit organisations combating racial injustice, such as Black Lives Matter, The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and The Equal Justice Initiative; and another $500,000 in the form of grants to black beauty entrepreneurs.

2. Deciem

Deciem, the make of The Ordinary, has asked consumers to join in the conversation on racial inequality.

As well as donating US$100,000 to Black Lives Matter and The NAACP Legal Defence & Educational Fund, social media users have been asked to send in a one minute video, or written message, on the subject to

"Our team have been actively sharing their voices in the fight against racism and inequality," the brand wrote. "From tomorrow [1 June], our Instagram Stories will become a dedicated space to continue this conversation."

3. Glow Recipe

"Our hearts have been hurting as we've watched injustice continually unfold over the past few days," Glow Recipe posted to its 777,000 followers.

The indie brand has donated $10,000 to Minnesota charity Black Visions Collective and has called on consumers to support a number of organisations, including helping towards the medical bills of those protesting over George Floyd's death.

4. Devacurl

Curly hair specialist Devacurl informed consumers on Sunday that it has given $50,000 to Black Lives Matter.

"We can no longer stand silent. Our voice is just one but we must speak up," the brand wrote on Instagram.

"We are absolutely horrified and angered by the continuing injustices against the Black community. We all have a role to play and must act in any way we can. Change needs to happen, now."

5. e.l.f Cosmetics

The drugstore brand has joined many members of the beauty industry to offer its support to African Americans.

Resharing posts of solidarity from Target, Ulta Beauty, Nyx, MAC, Maybelline, Fenty Beauty, Becca Cosmetics, Clinique and Urban Decay, e.l.f Cosmetics has offered $25,000 to racial injustice charity Color of Change.

6. Peet Rivko

"Silence is not acceptable whether you are individual or a business," the natural skin care company wrote on Instagram.

"We encourage our community to take action, support BIPOC organizations, and read up on how to be an anti-racist ally during this time."

As well as encouraging social media users to donate, Peet Rivko has donated to Minnesota Freedom Fund, a non-profit organisation that pays bail for low income individuals.

7. Sunday Riley

Sunday Riley, the businesswoman behind the brand, is from Houston like George Floyd and both went to the same high school at different times.

"We had entirely different lives, different opportunities, and faced different challenges," wrote Riley. "Had we both been in the exact same situation, at the exact same moment, I think it would have ended differently for me. Actually, I know it would have. That reality pierces me to my core."

The brand announced it donated $50,000 to the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund on Sunday "in recognition that this level of discrimination, hatred, and brutality is rampant across the entire United States”.

8. Nails Inc

British nail care brand Nails Inc has pledged to donate all of its profits from the US market to support Black Lives Matter.

"We are incredibly proud to work with hugely inspirational talent from the black community. We see you, and we stand with you," the brand wrote on Instagram.

9. Herbivore Botanicals

The wellness-inspired skin care brand has donated 100% of its profits from the past weekend to Black Lives Matter, Minnesota Freedom Fund and the American Civil Liberties Union.

10. Harry's

Subscription razor brand Harry's has donated $500,000 to organisations that tackle racism and provide mental health care for black communities.

The disrupter company claims to have also committed to reflecting as a business to "see how we can be better as an organisation and as individuals.

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