A coriander-based inside out duo dedicated to a feel-good soothing experience

Published: 6-Oct-2023

By associating the benefits of nutricosmetics and cosmetics, new well-being daily routines have invaded store shelves to answer a need of comfort and appeasement from consumers. Keeping that in mind, Seppic developed a duo of coriander-based ingredients that empowers beauty from the inside out for a feel-good soothing experience. Discover SEPIBLISS FEEL and SEPIBLISS!

An inside out approach to achieve soothing benefits

In recent years, well-being, whether physical or psychological, has become a preoccupation for consumers. They have also adopted the idea that well-being and beauty of the skin are intimately linked together. Indeed, unpleasant sensations on the skin badly impact well-being and emotional stress induces skin damage. It is even more the case for sensitive skin that is prone to those sensations in response to stimuli that normally do not cause such reactions. Moreover sensitive skin can be influenced by several skin, lifestyle, environmental and endogenous factors.

From this growing perception, to ease the mind and soothe the skin from the inside-out, consumers have been looking for routines that consist of combining a food supplement with an oral application and a cosmetic product with a topic application. That’s how, SEPIBLISS the skin comfort and soothing ingredient from within as a supplement has been identified by Seppic as the “inside” solution whereas SEPIBLISS FEEL the feel good soothing ingredient for holistic beauty has been identified as the “out” solution.

Several millennials of use of Coriander

Coriander has been a well-known plant used around the world for a long time for its medicinal virtues. Egyptian and Asian peoples used to take benefits from it for therapeutical, culinary and rituals purposes. Both natural, SEPIBLISS FEEL and SEPIBLISS were inspired by those historical customs. Extracted from coriander seeds sourced and eco-friendly cultivated exclusively in France, those active oils have been designed to be the most environment-friendly.

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