Why Buxom is easing fans into its metaverse experience, PlumpVerse, gently

By Julia Wray | Published: 19-Jan-2023

Users will be able to take part in a six-month long gamified experience via a hybrid approach designed to gradually introduce users to the Decentraland platform

Buxom Cosmetics has taken its first steps into the metaverse with the launch of Buxom PlumpVerse via the Decentraland platform.

According to the make-up brand, best known for its lip plumping Lip Gloss, PlumpVerse takes gamification to a new level with a gamified experience that spans six months.

It boasts three floors: a first-floor lounge featuring a ‘lip bar’ inspired by the brand’s new Plump Shot Sheer Tints; a dance area with DJ on floor two; and an immersive, virtual try-on store on the third floor, where users can explore, interact, trial shades and participate in gamified experiences.

Users, Buxom said, can unlock rewards, including discounts and free samples each month by completing specific tasks and games, as well as virtually trying on shades of Plump Shot Sheer Tints using an AR filter.

The games enable consumers to learn more about Buxom products and key ingredients, while users who collect each limited-edition proof of attendance protocol (POAP) from all six monthly events earn the chance to win a year’s worth of Buxom products in June.

Buxom, which was acquired by Orveon Global in 2022, worked with Publicis Sapient to develop its metaverse experience.

The hybrid approach used by the companies aims to bring users into Decentraland gradually through channels they are already familiar with – like Instagram, e-mail and the Buxom website – so they can familiarise themselves with what is a relatively new realm of the internet.

Sidi Drissi, Brand President of Buxom, said PlumpVerse bridged “the gap between the brand and virtual world, creating an immersive club experience where our consumer can feel glam, engage in VIP experiences and join the party without having to step a foot outside of their door”.

“In our collaboration with Publicis Sapient, it’s been incredibly important to create a web3 experience that speaks to the glamourous side of the brand’s DNA, while introducing our core consumers to the metaverse platform in the most user-friendly and engaging way possible,” added Pascal Houdayer, CEO of Orveon Global.

“Since the inception of Orveon Global, we’ve focused on brand digitalisation and we want to leverage the metaverse experience to modernise Buxom Cosmetics to propel its success.”

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