Vinali enters hospitality sector

Published: 10-Nov-2014

Spanish skin care company teams up with Groupe GM

Spanish skin care company Viñali, which specialises in products made from organic vine extracts, has teamed up with Groupe GM, a distributor of cosmetics and accessories for the hospitality industry, to supply a new vine-based complimentary range.

It will comprise a 25ml shower gel, 25ml shampoo, 25ml hair and body wash, 25ml body lotion, 15g soap and 30g soap. The packaging is white with red writing and grey illustrations of vines.

Marie-Sixtine de Coral, creator of Viñali, said: “We felt that now was the perfect time to create an amenities line in partnership with an international distributor.

“This is Spain’s first line of vino-cosmetics and we believe that with the international network offered by Groupe GM, it has the potential to become just as popular outside of Spain as it is here.”

Laurent Marchand, President of Groupe GM, said the company had been looking to offer its hotel clients a vino-cosmetic line for some time. “Our partnership with Viñali will allow us to carry out this project,” he said.

Vinali formulations substitute normal water with organic vine water, rich in resveratrol, Coral told Cosmetic News Weekly. “It carries all the antioxidant properties of the grapes in our products,” she said.

“Our range is formulated on a base of ecological ingredients which respect both the skin and the environment.”

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