Unlocking the potential of natural plant peptides for skin repair and age reversal in skin care

Published: 2-Nov-2023

Aging is an inevitable process that we all undergo as the years pass, and it manifests itself through changes in our skin. This natural process is influenced by various factors, including the accumulation of skin damage over our lifetimes, leading to a phenomenon known as cell senescence. Additionally, our skin's intrinsic ability to cope with these changes plays a crucial role

Understanding cell senescence is vital for comprehending how this process impacts not only the outward appearance of our skin, such as wrinkles, firmness, and elasticity but also its core aspects, including regeneration and repair processes. By embracing this knowledge and exploring the potential of natural plant peptides, Vytrus Biotech embarks on a journey towards reversing the skin agingactively addressing the signs of aging and promoting optimal skin health.

The biotech company's decade of expertise extends beyond microbiota and encompasses groundbreaking contributions to plant regeneration processes. Vytrus explores the potential of totipotent plant cell cultures and actives with a growth factor-like activity in skin care while effectively capitalizing on smart plant strategies, recognising remarkable parallels in growth patterns and micro-environmental dependencies shared by both plants and humans.

These peptides exhibit a growth factor-like effect, displaying notable similarity to animal growth factors and involvement in analogous physiological cell processes. Particularly noteworthy is their ability to promote growth in aging human dermal fibroblasts, highlighting substantial potential for skin rejuvenation similar to the mechanism observed with growth factors.

As a result, Vytrus Biotech has developed Centella Reversa™, a 100% natural active derived from Centella asiatica stem cells. This innovative product harnesses the power to reverse the skin aging and restore the skin's core. This active ingredient introduces a new range of bioactives derived from Centella asiatica stem cells, offering a natural, plant-based alternative to animal growth factors. It showcases substantial potential in cosmetic applications like skin rejuvenation, as well as in dermatological applications such as skin regeneration and wound healing.

To learn more about this innovation, approved by COSMOS and compliant with Chinese standards, click HERE or schedule a meeting with our technical team, who will be available at in-cosmetics Asia 2023 on November 7-9 in Bangkok, Thailand, as well as other trade shows like SCS Formulate UK and Making Cosmetics.

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