Exercising your skin? Discover it at in-cosmetics Global

Published: 10-Apr-2024

Sports transform our bodies through muscle sculpting and health rejuvenation, enhancing our well-being as we age. Imagine if similar benefits could be achieved for your skin, solely through cosmetics

Vytrus Biotech has explored the fascinating link between physical activity and skin health, pondering if the face, like the body, could "exercise" for enhanced appearance and vitality.

This curiosity led to the creation of an innovative cosmetic active that revolutionises skincare with the "Fit-Skin" concept based on sustainable plant biotechnology. This concept emulates a fitness regimen on a cellular level, showcasing significant potential in cosmetic science.

Looking for the latest beauty trends and inspiration for your formulations? Welcome to a new skincare era, where your skin benefits from an "exercise" routine.

The innovation will be presented at stand 2F58 of in-cosmetics Global from 16 to 18 April in Paris (France). Schedule your exclusive meeting with Vytrus Biotech's team by reaching out to info@vytrus.com.

Missed the opportunity? Vytrus Biotech invites you to its exclusive webinar on the latest innovation launch. The presentation will be broadcasted in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese, in different time zones to better adapt to your agenda. Choose your session and book your seat right now.

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