TNT Global pulls out all the studs for Christian Louboutin palettes

By Austyn King | Published: 24-Sep-2021

The La Palette collection features a selection of eyeshadows, highlighters and blushes housed in a magnetic case that allows the palettes to be refilled

Premium fashion and beauty brand Christian Louboutin has chosen an explosive design for its latest make-up palettes designed by metal packaging specialist TNT Global Manufacturing.

The La Palette range features six palettes containing a variety of powder products including eyeshadows, highlighters and blushes that are refillable, housed in a magnetic case adorned with Louboutin's iconic silver spikes, created by TNT.

Customers can choose from the black Noir or the bright red Rouge cases, while the palettes feature a metallic key that allows users to replace and refill the colours inside to create their own customised palette.

TNT Global pulls out all the studs for Christian Louboutin palettes

Specialising in high quality metal and plastic components for the cosmetics and perfume industries, this is not the first time TNT has embellished luxurious packaging for Louboutin.

The France-based company also created the caps for Louboutin's debut fragrance collection Loubiworld last year, featuring seven collectable caps with distinctive designs ranging from a pineapple for the Loubifunk scent to a cat holding a lipstick (Loubidoo) and a crocodile-wrapped Egyptian obelisk (Loubicroc), all crafted from 100% recyclable injected zamak.

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