There are now a line of eye make-up brushes specifically designed for blind people

Published: 15-Jan-2021

From braille to anti-rolling handles, the new product by Kohl Kreatives aims to make beauty routines for people with visual impairment or motor disabilities a little easier

Inclusive beauty tool brand Kohl Kreatives has released a line of eyeshadow brushes designed for consumers with disabilities.

Brushes in the Feast Your Eyes (RRP £48) collection have been developed in a cuboid shape, so not to roll on the table, enabling ease of use for people with motor disabilities or visual impairment.

The brushes also have braille stickers and, for people who do not read the tactile writing system, a raised numerical system connected to an audio guide which can be accessed via the QR code on the box.

Kohl Kreatives teamed up with the Royal National Institute of Blind People to develop the brushes and define 'ease of use' products.

Trishna Daswaney, founder of Kohl Kreatives, said: "The Feast Your Eyes collection is a set which brings true inclusivity one step closer.

"We now have an eye kit that benefits people with visual impairments. Inclusivity is not a tick box for us. We always create products everyone can use, including you and I."

Launched in 2018 with inclusive and flexible face make-up brushes, Kohl Kreatives is a non-profit with sales going to charity Kohl Kares.

The NGO provides free make-up workshops to consumers around the world specifically those who are recovering from cancer, or transitioning gender.

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