The science of beauty and happiness: exploring mood-boosting beauty

Published: 22-May-2023

Cosmetics Business Roundtables is back for its second webinar, taking place on 6 July 2023

Beauty has the power to make people happier, and not just because it makes our smiles look more dazzling or our skin feel smoother.

The cosmetics industry is working hard to develop finished products to improve consumer mental wellbeing, approaching the challenge from several angles. 

These include active ingredients developed to revitalise the skin via mood boosting; fragrances promoting a good night’s sleep, or a zing of energy in the morning; emollients whose feel upon use makes us happier; and ‘dopamine hit’ branding, where packaging and marketing combine to inject some joy into people’s day.  

With all of this in mind, the next topic in the Cosmetics Business Roundtables series of webinars will be ‘Mood-boosting beauty: the power to make people happier’. 

Taking place on 20 July at 15:00 BST, we are looking for four knowledgeable speakers to showcase their expertise on the subject. 

This is a limited time opportunity, so be sure to reach out to the team to secure your spot as our speaker. 

Contact Trystan at for further details on becoming a speaker.

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