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Tatcha launches virtual store inspired by Japanese forest bathing

By Alessandro Carrara | Published: 16-Feb-2023

A limited time physical pop-up experience will also be held in Los Angeles to mark the brand’s Forest Awakening collection, launching into Sephora

Tatcha has launched a virtual store experience inspired by Japanese forest bathing.

The interactive space was unveiled in conjunction with the brand’s Forest Awakening skin care collection entering into Sephora.

Designed to resemble a Japanese hinoki forest, the space features a dedicated Ritual area providing visitors with a step-by-step beauty regime.

A Spa space also showcases a traditional Japanese hot tub, while the Best Seller area presents Tatcha’s products and provides an insight into their ingredients and origins.

The site was made using software company Emperia’s virtual store and metaverse creation platform.

Alongside the immersive store, a physical pop-up in Los Angeles will also be held from 17-19 February.

Centred around a guided 4D forest bathing experience, the Forest Exhibit event will be led by Japanese zen monk and Tatcha Global Well-being ambassador Toryo Ito.

“Virtual stores are becoming an extension of the brand, one that allows retailers to tell a story, like no other media could,” said Olga Dogadkina, co-founder and CEO at Emperia.

“The Tatcha experience is both immersive and educational, allowing visitors to learn, experience and shop for products, all while being surrounded by the brand’s native environment, deepening brand familiarity and shopper loyalty, from the comfort of their home.”

The Forest Awakening collection includes the Hinoki Body Wash, Hinoki Body Oil and Hinoki Body Milk.

It has been formulated with cedar, hiba and hinoki, which are said to reduce stress, lift mood and help improve wellbeing.

Tatcha was founded in 2009 by Vicky Tsai, who was inspired to create a brand based on Japanese beauty culture.

Tsai would later step down as CEO of the company in 2019, but was brought back to turn around the flailing brand during the Covid-19 pandemic and an epidemic of anti-Asian hate.

In 2022, Tsai appeared in Netflix’s new royal documentary Harry & Meghan.

She was a talking head in the six-part series and credited as a ‘friend’ of the couple in the second episode.

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