Silab renews its Platinum EcoVadis certification for its CSR policy

Published: 26-Aug-2021

Silab confirms its exemplary corporate social responsibility as it receives the EcoVadis rating  platform’s highest distinction: the platinum medal, for the second year running

With a score of 73/100 spread across four areas (environment, social and human rights, ethics, and responsible procurement), Silab remains in the top 1% of companies  assessed by EcoVadis with the Platinum medal.

Xavier Gaillard, Deputy general manager for strategy at Silab stated: “Year after year, Silab continues to ensure that its CSR  policy is in line with its continuous improvement approach.

This strategy is worthwhile  because, after spending four years with Gold certification, last year we made it up  to Platinum level, and this year we’ve remained at the top.

These distinctions, which  we are always extremely honoured to receive, are a testament to the soundness and sustainability of our  commitments, something which is shared by all of our employees.

To go even further, alongside the report that is published each year outlining our main sustainable  achievements, the company has developed the Actively Caring program, which sets clear and ambitious sustainable development objectives for the next five years, based on five essential pillars that apply to all  levels of activity.

As such, Silab is actively committed to:

  1. Sustainable innovation
  2. The development of  human potential
  3. Responsible sourcing
  4. A preserved environment
  5. Support of communities

You can find details of the program on the company website.

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