Schwan Cosmetics with expanded portfolio and individual solutions at MakeUp in Paris

Published: 27-Jun-2019

At this year's MakeUp in Paris last week, Schwan Cosmetics demonstrated the breadth of its portfolio. The company presented two new product collections meeting all consumers’ needs - from "Haute Couture“ to "Ready to wear“ including unique 3D-printed designs and the newcomer category “compact powder”

In Paris, Schwan Cosmetics introduced two inspiring product collections offering lightweight textures and ultra-long-lasting formulas for eyes, lips, brows and face: “Fruity”, a love-spreading product range full of colours and fun, celebrating the beauty of youth.

The product line also includes compact powders consisting of a blush and an eyeshadow available in several colour shades. And “Artistique”, a luxury, elegant make-up line combined with individual and “instagrammable” 3D-printed packaging designs leading the way to a new generation of individualized products.

Tomas Espinosa, Chief Market & Business Development Officer:
“We want to harvest our expertise in formula and broaden our product offering, particularly in packaging.

For this reason, we are relentlessly researching new materials in order to provide consumers with products that meet their expectations of a sustainable future.

Besides, to ensure a real differentiation, we offer brands of all sizes our 3D-printed packaging solutions - fast prototyping with unlimited shapes and geometry forms."

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