Revolutionise your brand with Arbelle's inclusive Shade Finder

Published: 29-May-2024

Showcase your products virtually with the world’s first inclusive foundation shade finder. Developed with makeup experts, this tool is a must-have for cosmetic brands

Since its launch in 2023, Arbelle has consistently impressed the industry with innovative beauty AI solutions.

Shade Finder is the latest addition to their beauty AR suite. Driven by the latest AI technology, it analyses individual skin tones and offers personalised product recommendations.

Notably, Arbelle’s Shade Finder is the world’s first virtual foundation shade finder to utilise the revolutionary Monk Skin Tone Scale. This inclusive approach ensures that individuals across the entire skin tone spectrum, especially those with very light or very dark skin, can find their ideal foundation match.

Shade Finder pairs seamlessly with Arbelle’s hyper-realistic virtual makeup try-on technology. It enables virtual showcasing of makeup products, faithfully representing the unique characteristics of each product to mirror its real-life appearance.

Furthermore, Arbelle prioritises ethical considerations in AI development, ensuring that the Shade Finder provides a realistic and authentic representation of how different foundation shades appear on diverse skin tones. This focus on authenticity helps users feel confident and truly represented.

Cosmetic brands can seamlessly integrate Arbelle’s tools into their websites, apps, or in-store experiences to foster stronger connections with consumers, boost sales, reduce returns, and nurture brand loyalty.

With an emphasis on the staples of the modern beauty consumer - personalisation and inclusivity - Arbelle’s tools empower cosmetic brands to present their products across channels with interactive experiences and stunning realism.

Cosmetic brands eager to transform their customer engagement can explore Arbelle’s limited trial program at

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