Arbelle's inclusive Shade Finder AI redefines foundation shopping for all skin tones

Published: 9-Jan-2024

Arbelle has introduced Shade Finder, a game-changing tool designed to help beauty consumers effortlessly discover their foundation match

Committed to realism and precision, Arbelle leads the way in diversity, being the first beauty AR provider to use the Monk skin tone scale for foundation matching. This ensures a comprehensive representation of diverse skin tones, even those often underrepresented in the beauty industry.

Driven by the latest AI technology, Shade Finder analyses a person's unique skin tone with a simple selfie and, within milliseconds, provides product recommendations that perfectly match their complexion.

But there’s more - users can virtually try on the suggested products in real time, turning their shopping experience into a personal, interactive adventure. The result is a streamlined and enjoyable foundation-matching experience that replaces guesswork, elevates customer satisfaction, and provides a realistic preview of how the products will appear on the user's skin.

Beauty brands can integrate the tool into their websites, apps, or in-store setups to create stronger connections with consumers, drive sales, minimise returns, and foster brand loyalty.

Today, Arbelle offers a range of AI and AR-powered beauty solutions for cosmetic brands, helping them create personalised and inclusive beauty journeys for their customers.

With Shade Finder, beauty brands can celebrate the diversity and individuality of their customers, while elevating the makeup shopping experience across platforms. Interested brands can dive into Arbelle's limited trial program by filling out the contact form at

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