QVC founder creates customised hair care solutions for over-30s

By Austyn King | Published: 18-Oct-2017

The HairRx Advanced Hair Care range lets consumers personalise products by choosing hair goals, scent and more

QVC founder Joe Segel is launching a new customisable hair care range, designed to cater to the needs and preferences of consumers aged 30 and up.

HairRx Advanced Hair Care gives customers the chance to create customised shampoos and conditioners by answering questions online about their preferences and hair care goals.

Customers can personalise their chosen product by specifying their preferred amount of lather and scent, with options including citrus, coconut, jasmine, lavender and vanilla.

Segel said: "Women in their thirties, forties and beyond seek customised beauty solutions. They have different hair care challenges and goals than their millennial counterparts.

“HairRx provides the ultimate customisation experience that instantly matches each hair profile to the ideal shampoo and conditioner formulas, including scent and lather preferences."

Solutions for all ages

The launch of HairRx follows Cloud 10 Customized Hair Care, a similar customisable hair care service targeted at millennials, as the latest brand developed by parent company ProfilePro.

"While research shows that customisation in the beauty sector is desired by all generations, women in their thirties have different shopping habits than millennials," explained Ellen Langas, Co-CEO of ProfilePro.

"With the addition of HairRx Advanced Hair Care, we are now offering customised hair care solutions for all ages and needs."

HairRx is expected to launch on later this year.

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