Perfect Corp pioneers NFTs with AR try-on capabilities

Published: 10-Mar-2022

The AI and AR beauty and fashion tech provider allows brands to create immersive NFT experiences

Perfect Corp, the AI and AR beauty and fashion tech solutions provider, has launched what is claimed as the first-ever virtual try-on NFT collection.

The latest innovation uses AR to create the NFTs, allowing brands to deliver NFT experiences to customers through digital channels, setting it apart from the currently available image, video, and audio formats.

With this solution, consumers will be able to try assets across multiple beauty and fashion categories including make-up and nail art. 

As more brands prepare to enter the Metaverse, these digital assets hold significant value, said CEO and founder of Perfect Corp, Alice Chang.

“As the retail world embraces the Metaverse, AR technology will be essential to create personalised and immersive experiences.”

“Perfect Corp’s new NFT business solutions will allow brands to enter the NFT space while enhancing their customer experience with AR virtual try-on technology. 

“Moreover, it will present beauty and fashion brands with new revenue stream opportunities, while providing customers with an interactive and personalised element that has not been possible in the NFT space until now.” 

In addition to the new NFT business solutions, Perfect Corp has also introduced its set of collectable AR-enhanced NFTs available via the brand’s website.

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