Novel instrument for skin hydration measurements launched by Delfin

Published: 23-Sep-2011

Establishing a new level of reliability and convenience

Delfin Technologies recently launched the MoistureMeterSC Compact, a novel instrument for measuring skin hydration values.

The measurement of skin surface hydration at stratum corneum level is one of the most used measurements within the personal care industry, especially for claims substantiation work.

The MoistureMeterSC Compact combines Delfin’s proven and protected measurement technology with ease-of-use and its well established wireless technology. With this product Delfin establishes a new level of reliability and convenience for skin hydration measurements.

The MoistureMeterSC Compact’s built-in pressure sensor and the use of the stratum corneum’s dry layer thickness during the measurement add to the accuracy and sensitivity of the instrument. It also features wireless data collection from the unit to Delfin’s existing data collection programme.

This new addition to the Delfin product portfolio brings formulators and researchers a novel scientific tool for practical and reliable skin surface hydration measurements.

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