The Delfin SebumScale for reliable sebum measurements 

Published: 10-Sep-2021

SebumScale measures sebum on the skin by using advanced microbalance technology

The Delfin SebumScale has been developed for reliable, accurate and easy sebum detection and the  assessment of sebum excretion rate.

The SebumScale measures sebum on the skin by using advanced microbalance technology.

The measurement principle of this microscale is based on the oscillation frequency of the sensitive quartz crystal sebum sensor.

The SebumScale collects the sebum from the skin with the disposable sebum sensor and displays the mass of the sebum in micrograms.

An imbalance in sebum excretion can cause unpleasant problems on the skin. Therefore, cosmetic companies  are constantly developing new products for rebalancing the skin’s sebum.

The Delfin SebumScale is used in many skin research applications, such as evaluation of skin care products and treatments, product and  formulation R&D, and efficacy testing. The SebumScale is also excellent tool for assessing skin type.

Despite its highly sophisticated and advanced technological measurement principle, the fully portable hand held SebumScale is very simple to operate, and the measurements are fast to perform.

During the  measurement, the SebumScale is briefly placed on the skin and the mass of sebum in micrograms is shown  on the display in seconds.

Moreover, the results can be transferred wirelessly to the Delfin Modular Core(DMC) software.

Delfin Technologies has developed many advanced technological solutions for non-invasive skin measurements and the SebumScale’s microbalance technology is one of these innovations.

Delfin Technologies’ instruments are used worldwide in skin research studies and product R&D.

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