Nivea champions skin diversity in new video series ‘Skin Out Loud’

By Amanda Pauley | Published: 31-May-2023

The skin care brand’s content series features Queer Eye’s Leni Bolt and covers everything from skin representation and identity to ageing

Nivea has launched Skin Out Loud – an “inclusive” talk show which celebrates skin diversity. 

The five episode video series features people from different walks of life talking about ageing, identity, confidence and their skin care routines. 

The conversation “stretches from short-lived skin care trends to skin representation and everything in between”.  

Tobias Collée, Vice President Global Nivea brand, said: "To overcome intolerance, people must be exposed to diversity as exposure drives acceptance. 

“For us at Nivea, the leadership of a brand should reflect the diversity of our customers and the communities we serve, no matter the size of the group."

Skin Out Loud is hosted by a global cast, including Queer Eye’s non-binary host Leni Bolt and Brigiding from RuPaul’s Drag Race franchise.

As well as TV host Milka Loff Fernandes, South African skinfluencer Zithobe Macheli, and Australian model and author Jessica Vander Leahy.  

Guests include para-athlete Brandon Beack and travel influencer couple Gizem Çobanoğlu and Salim Ahmedov.  

“Skin is a key part of our identity and all too often what the world uses to define who we are,” said a spokesperson for Nivea. 

“To be loud and proud about skin diversity, Nivea has launched Skin Out Loud, where open and authentic conversations search to prove skin care is not just superficial but is deeply rooted in our sense of identity and self-confidence.”

The first episode explores “gender identification journeys” within the transgender community. 

The following episodes discuss “how ageing is a journey that traces stories” on the skin and the impact of unexpected accidents on skin health.

The series is free to watch on Nivea’s Instagram, TikTok, Spotify and YouTube channels.

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