Top 50 beauty brands 2023: How important is sustainability for consumers’ perception of brands?

By Julia Wray | Published: 2-May-2023

Which brands are ranking highly in Brand Finance’s table thanks to their sustainability and CSR drives, combined with positive customer perception?

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In this fourth part of Cosmetics Business’ analysis of Brand Finance’s top 50 most valuable cosmetics brands of 2023, Annie Brown, General Manager at Brand Finance, talks about the importance of consumer perception, CSR and sustainability when it comes to brand value.

When calculating brand value (see below), one of the aspects beyond ‘how many people have heard of a brand?’ are ‘amongst those people have heard of it, what do they think of the brand?’ – it stands to reason, then, that the way a brand is viewed by the general public is echoed in its position in Brand Finance’s table. 

“It [consumer perception] impacts everything for business,” says Brown. 

“The only question is ‘when?’ Consumer perception directly impacts your sales; if you have a choice and you don’t like a particular brand, you’re going to pick another brand. And that’s going to be something that happens immediately. So, if there is a PR disaster, that could be detected immediately in people’s choices,” she adds.


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