Nicki Minaj to ‘disrupt’ nail industry with press-on nail brand

By Amanda Pauley | Published: 18-Mar-2024

The rapper has collaborated with her nail tech Yvett G to create stylish but affordable press-on sets for all nail bed sizes

Rapper Nicki Minaj has launched her own press-on nail business to help “disrupt” the sector. 

Pink Friday Nails has been created in collaboration with the award-winning artist’s longtime nail technician Yvett Garcia, who has helped design the range and oversee production. 

It aims to fill a void in the market by “bridging the gap between inexpensive brands with lower-quality and low-fidelity designs, and custom sets sold by nail artists on social media for hundreds of dollars,” read a statement from the brand. 

Priced between US$19.99 to $24.99, the collection comprises 11 designs in different colorways, from matte and chrome bases to camouflage patterns.

All are inspired by Minaj’s own nail designs or outfits she has worn to high-profile events.

Some of the limited edition designs feature as many as 300 to 400 gems and charms on a single set.

“Pink Friday Nails are the actual nails I wear designed by my actual nail tech,” said Minaj. 

"When I became a mum, I could not spend as much time getting my nails done as when I only had to worry about me, so it became a necessity to create fly, quality press-on nails.

Pink Friday Nails campaign imagery

Pink Friday Nails campaign imagery

"I told my team… that if I do not want to wear them, I am not going to even attempt to sell them because our customers are not stupid.” 

Four custom shapes are available – stiletto, coffin, square and almond – in five lengths – short, medium, long, XL and XXL – to fit all nail bed sizes. 

“I have very small nail beds, so normally press-ons are way too big and do not hit the same,” explained Minaj. 

“Our nails come from short to the longest length I wear, in all shapes, sizes and polishes."

The sets are available to buy on and the brand claims they last for around two weeks.

To celebrate the launch, Minaj is hosting a press-on station backstage during her upcoming tour where fans with VIP passes can try them on.

Minaj is not the only celebrity to debut a new beauty line.

Entrepreneur Kylie Jenner has just moved into the fragrance space with her new scent Cosmic.

Model Bella Hadid is set to launch her very own beauty brand Orebella this month.  

American basketball star LeBron James, meanwhile, has unveiled his first male grooming range The Shop.

Lead image credit: Christopher Macsurak, CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

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