wesource™ by Seppic unveils its active ingredient of the year 2022

Published: 20-Dec-2021

In its new “Inspifactory series” dedicated to niche trends and active science, wesource™ announces CELTOSOME™ Eryngium maritimum as its Cosmetic Active of the Year for 2022, based on Pantone®’s color and its meaning.

For 2022, the influential Pantone® Color Institute has defined PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri as the color of the year. It’s a new violet-infused blue, a courageous color that displays sprightly the advent of increasing technologies in our daily lives and encourages bold inventiveness.

Moreover, wesource market research reveals that during the intense periods of isolation and health uncertainties, consumers have heavily relied on the digital and scientific fields, leading to an interest in technologies, even in cosmetics.

Aligning with Pantone’s color and its meaning, wesource’s team has selected its active ingredient of the year 2022, CELTOSOME™ Eryngium maritimum.

A match with the very Peri color

On the Brittany coast, grows the Eryngium maritimum, also called the Sea Holly. It’s the sapphire of Brittany’s dunes: adorned with a violet blue flower, it’s a precious plant and it’s protected.

Beyond color, a biotech-tased active ingredient

Thanks to its inventiveness and its appetite for technologies, BiotechMarine laboratories offer the Sea Holly to the cosmetic industry. They have creatively developed the CELTOSOME™ technology. It allows the cultivation of dedifferentiated plant cells in bioreactor in a sustainable way, without harvesting the plant and impacting biodiversity. In this way, we obtain a concentrated active ingredient CELTOSOME™ Eryngium maritimum, with a specific composition in phenolic acids and flavonols, for skin renewal and firmness.

This is how wesource’s biotechnology unlocks the potential of plant treasures to empower beauty.

Find our more on CELTOSOME™ Eryngium maritimum here.

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