bitop broadens its eye care portfolio with a new Ectoin ophthalmology range

Besides its well-established Ectoin-containing eye drops, bitop currently broadens its ophthalmology product range with different additional Ectoin and Glycoin natural containing products.

These new product developments are designed to prevent or treat ophthalmological diseases such as dry eye syndrome, allergic conjunctivitis, eczema and blepharitis and will fulfil various customer preferences with regards to application forms.

The range extension contains four innovative Ectoin formulations for the eye:

  • Ectoin Eye Serum for treatment of blepharitis
  • Ectoin Lid Wipes for treatment of dry, irritated and inflamed eye-lids
  • Ectoin Eye Spray for treatment of dry, tired, irritated and inflamed eyes
  • Ectoin Eye Gel for treatment of dry, tired, irritated and inflamed eyes

Ectoin based products have already proven their efficacy and excellent tolerability for application in the eye in several clinical studies and in different markets.

The new products will line-up in bitop’s established Ectoin eye product portfolio which consists of eye drops in ampoules or multi-dose units for dry or allergic eyes.

Ectoin containing products are suitable for very sensitive patients and children and do not contain preservatives, where applicable.

Contact our business development team to get to know more about the products and to discuss your license opportunities for our ophthalmology range: