Discover bitop’s Extremolytes: Ectoin natural and Glycoin natural, at New York Suppliers Day!

Published: 4-May-2023

bitop is excited to announce their participation in the upcoming New York Suppliers Day. You are welcome to visit the team at booth #1555, shared with bitop's valued partner Mibelle

bitop specialises in the biotechnological manufacturing of natural molecules known as Extremolytes. These small molecules have been discovered in extremophilic microorganisms and plants adapted to survive in the harshest environments on earth, such as salt lakes, hot springs, arctic ice, the deep sea, and deserts.

The Extremolytes Ectoin® natural and Glycoin® natural, stand out as highly effective, multi-functional active ingredients for skincare formulations.

Discover Ectoin® natural, a powerful protection and repairing bioactive that shields the skin from harmful stressors causing skin ageing and damage.

Derived from microorganisms thriving in salt lakes, and other harsh environments, the 100% natural bioactive shows outstanding, clinically proven efficacy for anti-ageing, brightening, hydration, skin barrier repair, anti-pollution, blue light protection, anti-inflammatory, and microbiome support. Ectoin® natural, an amino acid derivate, is safe and easy to formulate. It can be directly added to the aqueous phase at temperatures above 85 °C. It enables colourless and odourless formulas at a pH range from 1-9. The recommended usage level is 0.3-2%, and there are no known incompatibilities with other cosmetic ingredients. For anhydrous formulations, we offer ECTOinOIL®, the oil-soluble Ectoin®. Their patented, bitop-exclusive biotechnological fermentation process ensures that Ectoin® natural has a low environmental impact, making it a sustainable and responsible choice for cosmetic formulators.

Introducing Glycoin® natural, a 100% natural active ingredient offering exceptional stimulating and energising benefits for the skin. This high-performing glyceryl glucoside, initially found in the desert resurrection plant "Myrothamnus flabellifolia" and blue-green algae "Spirulina", targets skin cells that are aged, stressed, or have sluggish cell functions and metabolism. It is also beneficial for dry, mature, and sagging skin that has lost its elasticity and thickness.

Glycoin® natural shows a broad range of clinically proven efficacy including anti-ageing, rejuvenation, brightening and lightening, stimulation of skin renewal, growth factors, ATP, SOD, CAT, microbiome support, blue light protection, as well as 48-hour tissue repair and wound healing. Its instant hydration effect provides a 49% increase in hydration levels with just one application.

This versatile bioactive can be used at a level of 0.5-2% and is compatible with any other ingredient in your formulation. It can be added directly to the aqueous phase prior to emulsification, regardless of whether you're using a hot or cold process.

Furthermore, Glycoin® natural is produced with a patented biocatalytic process with minimal environmental impact, making it a natural, sustainable, and highly effective alternative/option for your skincare formulations.

bitop’s extremolytes, Ectoin® natural, Glycoin® natural and ECTOinOIL®, have various certificates such as EcoCert, Cosmos, Natrue, Halal, Vegan and are China applicable.

Experience the exceptional benefits of bitop's active ingredients at NYSCC, booth 1555!

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