Ectoin is the ultimate protection from the desert by bitop

Published: 30-Aug-2016

Ectoin is a derivate of an amino acid found in extremophilic microorganisms.

It protects them from extreme variations in temperatures from 60°C during noon to 0°C during the night and a low humidity of only 5%. Such conditions can be found in  Wadi El Natrun (Natron Valley), Egypt.

There, in a salt lake, Ectoin was found for the first time. Each life-form that is not protected by Ectoin would die under these conditions in a very short time. 

Ectoin gives extremophiles the capability to survive in this environment.

Ectoin has e.g. cell-protective properties that can be used in Medical Devices and Life Science as well as in cosmetics. Some other properties of Ectoin and their benefits for the respective applications are listed below:


Cell membranes are stabilised by Ectoin and protected from the entry of e.g. allergens. This property is used in the Ectoin Allergy products for the treatment of allergic rhinitis and conjunctivitis by reducing symptoms as for example redness, itching or burning. 


Ectoin has inflammation-reducing properties. Used in a cream, Ectoin can prolong the flare-free phase of atopic dermatitis. Ectoin in nose or throat sprays reduces the symptoms of the disease.


In eye drops and nasal sprays Ectoin cares for a moist milieu of the epithelia. Ectoin forms an Ectoin Hydro Compex with the water outside of cells and keeps them humid.

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