bitop is a German manufacturer and expert in the biotechnological production and development of natural stress-protection molecules, the so called Extremolytes. In nature, these molecules protect extremophilic plants and microorganisms from their hostile environments, such as deserts, salt lakes, hot springs, or the arctic ice. Extremolytes are used as multifunctional, highly effective active ingredients in cosmetics and human and animal health products

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bitop was founded in 1993 as a spin-off from the Faculty of Bioscience at the University of Witten/Herdecke. Today, we are the world-leading manufacturer of Ectoin® for its use in cosmetics and medical devices.

bitop’s active ingredients are manufactured by a patented, sustainable, state-of-the-art biotechnological process at our production plant in Germany. Our manufacturing meets DIN EN ISO 13485, ensuring high-quality products for our worldwide customers. All bioactives are certified by Ecocert, COSMOS, NATRUE, halal, vegan, and are China applicable.

Product Highlights:

Ectoin® natural – ultimate protection and repair (INCI: Ectoin)

Ectoin® natural is a 100% natural amino acid derivate. The multifunctional active shows outstanding scientifically proven cell protection and skin repairing efficacy. It shields skin from damage caused by stress factors like pollution, UV radiation, blue light, extreme temperatures, or dryness and supports a healthy skin microbiome. At the same time, the bioactive offers anti-aging and repairing benefits by regenerating damaged, inflamed, and stressed skin.

Ectoin® natural was discovered in 1985 as a protective molecule for extremophilic microorganisms thriving in a salt lake in the Egyptian desert.

Claims: Anti-aging, long-term hydration and skin barrier repair, blue light and UV-protection, anti-pollution, skin brightening and lightening, anti-inflammatory and soothing, microbiome support.

Glycoin® natural – The Cell Energizer (INCI: Glyceryl Glucoside, Aqua (Water))

Glycoin® natural is a multifunctional anti-aging and cell-boosting active ingredient. It reactivates the power of youth in tired, stressed, and mature skin by providing an instant hydration effect, increasing skin elasticity, density, and thickness. The natural bioactive stimulates growth factors and accelerates cell renewal of aged skin.

Originally, Glycoin® natural is found in salt-tolerant blue-green algae (e. g., Spirulina), and in desert resurrection plants where the Extremolyte protects the plant’s structure from damage during its desiccation and reactivates its re-greening after rainfalls.

Claims: Instant hydration, anti-aging and rejuvenation, stimulation of cell renewal and wound healing, whitening and lightening, blue light protection, microbiome support (prebiotic).

ECTOinOIL® - First and Only Oil-Compatible Ectoin®

ECTOinOIL® is a 100% natural and multifunctional bioactive that enables a new and easy way of incorporating Ectoin® natural in sustainable and anhydrous formulations. Our innovative bioactive offer brands the opportunity of creating a new range of trending water-smart products with excellent clinically proven efficacy. ECTOinOIL® imparts all the unique functional attributes of Ectoin® natural into the formulation like anti-aging, skin brightening and lightening, blue light protection, anti-inflammatory, global anti-pollution, long-term hydration, and soothing benefits. The efficacy of Ectoin® natural has already been proven by various clinical in vivo studies. ECTOinOIL® improves skin roughness and elasticity (in vivo), increases hydration (in vivo) and suitable for sensitive skin (in vivo).

Ectoin® is a highly water soluble, white crystalline powder. Until now Ectoin® was not available for use in anhydrous formulations. As the leading expert of the active Ectoin®, the research of bitop has bridged this gap with the development of ECTOinOIL®. With this innovative bioactive, formulators can create highly effective, water-smart products with Ectoin® while saving 99.9% of water compared to an emulsion. The combination of water-saving applications and sustainable manufacturing makes this active a true “green ingredient”.

Claims: Anti-aging, long-term hydration and skin barrier repair, blue light and UV-protection, anti-pollution, skin brightening and lightening, anti-inflammatory and soothing, microbiome support.

INCI: Aqua (Water), Caprylyl/Capryl Glucoside, Propanediol, Ectoin

28Extremoin® – Pollution Protection and Skin Regeneration (INCI: Ectoin, Hydroxyectoin)

28Extremoin® is a natural, multifunctional “urban protection“ bioactive especially developed to deal with the challenging environmental conditions for our skin in modern life. Several studies have demonstrated the ability of Extremolytes, especially 28Extremoin®, to stabilize skin cells, protecting them from the damaging impact of thermal stress (cryoprotection, heat protection). The superior thermal protection efficacy of Hydroxyectoin® is completed by the best-studied cell protection properties of Ectoin® natural. This combination of two powerful molecules results in the perfect active ingredient to visibly transform dry, scaly, and rough skin into healthy, hydrated, smooth, and supple skin.

Claims: Anti-pollution, cryoprotection, heat protection, anti-aging.


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